Pros and Cons of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is considered to be the pinnacle of modernism in the cooking and cookware niche. With their ability to stay normal at high temperatures and simple design, they have won the hearts of millions of people worldwide, but no one told you that everything that’s good has its own disadvantages. Wanna know the cons of this amazing cookware type? Keep reading.


Why Is Ceramic Cookware So Famous ?

We will be telling you all the different reasons why this cookware is so famous, what’s good in it, and what’s bad.  But, if you’re interested in reviews head on over to and read her ceramic pot and pans reviews so you’ll make a good purchase. So, for the sake of not elevating curiosity, we’ll start right away!

Pros Of Ceramic Cookware:

  • Ceramic cookware is considered to be the most durable kitchen equipment since it existed in the 12th century. Why? Because it can easily bear temperatures over 450oF, which is equal 232.22oC, which is pretty good for organic material heat capacity. What’s better? It does not have any metallic material whatsoever inside it, so kiss metallic toxicity good bye!
  • Ceramic cookware is really easy to clean, and do not require any sort of cleaning agent like soap or detergent. As the food does not stick to the pan or pot, one can easily wipe off the remains with a clean paper towel without a sweat! Most of them are dishwasher safe as well, so you can just put them in the washer after use, although it can decrease the life of the non-stick coating, and that brings us to our next good point.
  • The cookware has a special hard and durable non-stick coating. That coating not only helps in not allowing food to stick, but also evenly displaces the heat all over the pan. This prevents overcooked and uncooked food as everything is equally cooked.
  • The last is the price. Ceramic cookware is extremely affordable, as the material through which it is made is very common, much more than stainless steel. If you buy a ceramic cookware set, you’ll get a price margin of over 62% when compared with a stainless steel cookware set, talk about savings!

Ceramic Cookware Cons:

  • Although Ceramic cookware is very durable, it has a pretty short lifespan when compared to higher end materials like metallic carbon and aluminum. On an ordinary scale, ceramic cookware generally lasts for 5-6 years, which is further lowered by mishaps and improper care.
  • Ceramic cookware can take on high temperatures, but the handles through which they are held are generally made of clay, which cannot withstand temperatures exceeding 3500F, talk about a complete waste of potential.
  • The coating on the cookware can easily chip off if you expose it to high temperatures, so you have to cook your food on medium to low flame, which equals to more cooking times.