How our cooking is influenced by the kitchen knives we use

We all watch cooking shows(most of us at least). Probably everyone has a vivid memory of when the chef carefully brings out his set of knives from their cloth sleeve and with the same gentleness, picks up a particular knife from the set and uses it, replacing it when he is done. When we look at the way a chef handles a knife, especially when dicing or cutting, there is this air of skill and certainty, as though the knife is enabling the chef achieve his goals. The best rated chef knives would do that. It doesn’t look like it but the knives a chef uses in his dish, its quality and ergonomics affect greatly the quality of the final product and that is why a great chef always treasures his knives. This is why many at times, chefs are willing to shell out┬átheir money to obtain a good chef knife.

In this article, we will take a brief look at one of the best rated chef knives according to kitchen knives reviews. There is no perfect or standard knife size but most chefs agree that an 8 inch knife tends to fit into any wrist, no matter how large or small. Now to the main crux of the matter. Perhaps slightly inexpensive at $100, the korin gyotou, a Japanese styled high carbon steel chef knife takes the spotlight of this article. describes the knife as the “bugatti veyron of best rated chef knives”. The site says that the korin cuts so effortlessly that the user feels compelled to make every cut a perfect one. And that the korin cries out for the chefs best slicing skills as only those can do it justice.

Good knives make good food. So before you buy your next knife, think carefully because a crappy knife might just be the reason why your friends make fun of your cooking.