Buying gifts can be tricky because people have different tastes and they will most likely reject something that you buy them on the account that it is not what they envisioned it would be. That is why you will need help in picking out something that you can give to your boyfriend to capture his attention and maybe love. First rule, if you like the machine, chances are that he may not, maybe because its pink, but I jest of course.

Perfect espresso machines for your home

This is more a gift buying guide in general than a way of getting an espresso machine. You can use this to buy anything that you want to gift to someone. I will take you through the gift buying process and fuse in the elements of a food espresso machine that a boy might like to get you the home run swing. If you need help in picking out the best espresso machines, is the place to be.

Make it Manly

I don’t know how to explain this without sounding like the macho male typos but I will give it a shot. You see, men will want you to give them something that is not too pretty that it draws attention and not too plain that it remains almost obscure. For an appliance like this, you could have it black and semi-automatic probably because it is better than the automatic which makes you feel like you’re doing nothing but wait for coffee.

Did Someone say Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines ?

Yes, I said semi-automatic remember? I will explain why. You see, when you buy an automatic, you will find that there is no joy for me as your boyfriend in it because all I have to do is wait for the coffee to cook and that’s it. With the semi-automatic, I can push the pump lever and also draw the shots like a barista which makes for great theatrics and a feeling of usefulness.

The Pre-Emptive Catalogue

Here is how this one works. You get a catalogue that has all the espressos that you think I might like and then cursorily mention it, maybe have us take a look and see what I like. This will have to be way early before you even go to buy it and then keep it a surprise and bring me what I like most. Or, if you think I’d not mind being asked straight out, you can ask me, I will give you an accurate answer. That way, I will be happy that you got one thing right.

Gift buying especially appliances for the kitchen is never easy especially not for boyfriends. That is why you will need to make sure that you have a good accurate guess before you go to get one of those espresso machines.