A compilation of my best kitchen knives

When most of us are beginning to learn how to cook, the importance of the using a good knife seams less of a concern, but as we progress you will realize that the importance of a good knife can never be underestimated. Only a single experience with a high quality knife and you will never go back. From a personally experience I had never understood why professional cooks were so much into the use of best kitchen knives until I tried one, this has changed my attitude and I have always kept up with new knives which seems to be of better quality and better design. I have complied some of the best knife sets and the top rated kitchen knives I have used and I will share them with you.


Mac MTH Kitchen Knife

The Mac MTH chef’s knife with Dimples is one of the best kitchen knives I have used. This is a Japanese made knife which combines effectiveness and durability. I particularly loved its razor sharp blade which sliced through a variety of groceries and vegetables with ease. It has been made using carbon and this makes it to stay sharp for longer durations. My love for different knifes lead me to other knives but at times I use this knife, just to enjoy its quality and sharpness.

Tojiro Kitchen Knife

Tojiro DP is another fascinating knife that I have come across. It has a Western style design. It has a similar shape to the Mac knife though it has been manufactured using steel. This knife is relatively easy to balance while using it .It’s durability is also top notch. The only issue I discovered with this knife is that people with big hands had problems using this knife.

Wusthof Kitchen Knife Sets

The Wusthof Ikon has particularly been designed for heavy task. It is a German drop-forged knife. It has a thin blade which makes smooth cuts through carrots or butternuts among others. It is also great for peeling the skin from a butternut squash. The only issue with this knife is the fact that it has been made using a softer steel making it to dull faster than the above two knives.

Wusthof Pro is a perfect knife for those who set a smaller budget to cater for knife expenses. It retails around $25. It has a big cushy handle and it is sharp to the right degree. Due to the big handle, it is best suited for those individuals with big hands.

Henckels Knife Sets

Henckels professional S chef knife is also another knife which deserves to be in the best kitchen knives category .This knife has been made form a hunk of steel. Its handle makes it stand out due to the classic design. This knife is nicely balanced and will not tire your hands easily. It also has the ability to stay sharp for a long duration.

Spoiled With So Many Choices Of Knives !!!

Knives are constantly being produced; keeping up with different manufactures is always a challenge. Though, once you start using top class knives, you will keep up with different best kitchen knives in the market without even realizing.